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Customs services for export and import of goods

With more than 20 years of experience, and good relationships with Customs Department, we are committed to clearing your goods in the fastest, most effective way.



Our customs declaration services include all types of:

  • Type of Import and Export Business
  • Type of import and export processing
  • Import and export type for export production
  • Type of import and export on the spot
  • Type of temporary import for re-export, temporary export for re-import
  • Type of transit
  • Type of import and export investment include tax, duty free


  • Customs clearance services for imports, including raw materials, bulk cargoes with a variety of items such as timber, clothing, fabric, hosiery, Being machinery, dangerous goods, …
  • Implement customs clearance for all types of business, investment, temporary import for re-export, temporary export – re-import, processing, export production, samples, non-commercial goods, bonded goods … Depending on the different types of customs clearance, we ensure that the stages are carried out in the safest and fastest way.
  • Customs clearance services for all types of import and export goods are aid goods, project goods, exhibits and transit goods.
  • Advise clients on the proper customs declaration, tax calculation, hs code, customs price, C / O, import tax refund, and other related tax policies.
  • Providing useful information on the regulations of other countries from Vietnam, providing customs clearance services at the destination.
  • As a multimodal transport operator, we provide a more diversified customs declaration service at Vietnam – Cambodia, Vietnam – Laos border gates.