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Service apply for Certificate of Origin , types A, B, E, D, S, AJ, VJ, AI ....

In the process of exporting goods. In addition to customs procedures, Certificate of Origin (C / O) is one of the necessary documents and one of the advantages of the exporter if C / O.

Certificate of origin is especially important in classifying goods according to customs regulations of the importing country and, therefore, will decide on import duty rates. C / O is also important for import quotas and statistics, especially for food. C / O may also be important in food safety regulations.

HT-Cargo is currently providing the following C / O services for export goods from Vietnam:

  • Form A: Apply GSP (General System of Preferences) – Preferential C / O for Vietnamese exports
  • Form B: (Non-preferential C / O form used for Vietnamese exports). Used for all kinds of goods exported to countries.
  • Form E: Preferential C / O form for Vietnamese exports to China
  • Form AK: Preferential C / O form under the ASEAN-ROK Agreement
  • Form AJ: Preferential C / O form under ASEAN-Japan agreement
  • Form VJ: Preferential C / O form under VJEPA (Vietnam – Japan)

You do not know what country you are going to export C / O form A, B, E, D, S, AJ, VJ, AI ….?

Please contact us, in the shortest time, we will have the complete set of C / O so that customers can complete the export documents.