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“Door to Door” is a full service from Exporter / Importer warehouse to Importer / Exporter warehouse.

  • Domestic door to door transportation service is the service of transporting goods from hand to hand to recipient.
  • International Door to Door transport service is a service that delivers goods from the hand deliverer to the recipient and the customs clearance package and other services if requested by the customer: C / O, check Plant and animal fluids, wooden bales, cargo insurance.
Benefits of using Door to door service
  • Take delivery to hand delivered
  • The goods are absolutely safe compared to the current cheap shipping.
  • Delivery time is fast, slow, depending on the requirements of customers
  • Saves costs, time and energy
  • As a reputable shipping agency specializing in forwarding, HT CARGO offers a smart, flexible and secure door to door solution.
  • HT CARGO brings confidence and peace of mind to customers using Door to Door service
  • We update product information for regular customers: Are goods the property of the customer and the customer has the right to know the status of it like? Where are you? And full control over the decision to change the flexible transit time.
  • HT CARGO now provides door-to-door “door to door” customs clearance services from Vietnam & China to US, Canada, EU, Australia, Southeast Asia and East Asia and vice versa. The global shipping and ocean freight network, combined with our road haulage service, will provide you with door to door “door to door” delivery service anywhere in the world.
Commitment from HT CARGO
  • Provide the best service at competitive prices.
  • Warehousing, transportation, packing and professional services.
  • Quick procedure.
  • Receive and deliver safely, efficiently, promptly upon customer request.

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